Tiburon Real Estate Market Softening?

A quick comparison of the first 6 months of 2017 to 2018 leads me to believe the Tiburon housing market is slowing down a little.
In 2017 74 homes sold and days on the market was 56. In 2018, same time period, 60 homes have sold and the days on the market is now 68. The median price of the 2017 sold homes was $2,691,000. In 2018 the median price of the sold homes was $2,955,000, so prices still continue to climb.

However, the condo market presents a different picture more condos have sold in 2018, 22 of them, and the days on the market was 37, the median price was $1,112,000. Compare that to 2017 when 14 sold and the days on the market was 101 but the median price was $1,480,000.

Anecdotally at my open house on the weekend half of the prospective buyers were from San Francisco.

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