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Belvedere is one of the oldest cities in Marin County, incorporated in1896 as a subdivision for wealthy San Franciscans who built weekend country homes. Located at the tip of the Tiburon Peninsula and surrounded on three sides by water, Belvedere prides itself on views and water activities. Homes perched or nestled in the hillsides have views across the water to San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, the East Bay, Richardson Bay, and Mount Tamalpais

The Lagoon area, developed in the 1950’s and 60’s, offers waterfront properties with access to swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and sailing. Many of today’s homes in Belvedere are architectural gems; they are well built custom homes, reflecting different architectural styles popular over the past century and updated to reflect today’s lifestyles. Buildable land is a scarce commodity in Belvedere, so it is not uncommon to see a home being demolished, then a new one being built.

With the population of Belvedere a little over 2000, the citizens have a vested interest in retaining the charm of their small community; they are active in their city government, their Community Foundation, and various volunteer opportunities the city offers. Belvedere has its own police force, and children attend the award winning Reed School District along with students from the neighboring town of Tiburon or, if they choose, attend the many excellent private schools in Marin County and San Francisco. Also shared with Tiburon are the Post Office, the Library, the Fire District and the Recreation Department. The famous San Francisco Yacht Club is located in Belvedere Cove and the Belvedere Sailing Society makes its home on Belvedere’s Lagoon. Belvedere Park has one of the county’s best young children’s play ground, a basketball court and, in the summer months, hosts spirited Sunday afternoon concerts with live music. Local families picnic in the park whilst listening to opera, jazz, blues, rock, and mariachi.

Yes, the homes are pricey, but Belvedere is one of the most exquisite enclaves in the country to call home.